Towers: A Synergy of Sound CD

At over 65 minutes of playtime, our third CD, Towers: A Synergy of Sound, comprises the best musical selections from our 2002 to 2005 seasons.

Check out the track list below and listen to samples from this CD including:

Sample: Towers

Sample: Metamorphosis

Song Composer / Arranger + Run Time
Towers Cathy Moklebust (4:49)
Cavatina Stanley Myers arr. Bob Avant (3:20)
La Paix Julie Stitt (3:44)
Rockin' Jerusalem André Thomas arr. Lee Afdahl (2:30)
Liberty Bell March John P. Sousa arr. James Christensen (1:34)
Holiday for Strings David Rose arr. Wallace Hornibrook (3:12)
Passacaglia Kevin McChesney (8:45)
Winter Bells Robert Parsons arr. Clint Hagen (5:01)
Arabesque Claude Debussy arr. Katsumi Kodama (6:10)
Psalm Nine Carl Wiltse (2:38)
Metamorphosis Michael Helman (6:25)
Canticle of Peace Karen Lakey Buckwalter (6:22)
Furioso Paul McKlveen (3:51)
Rêverie Claude Debussy arr. Bob Avant (5:04)
Synergy Kevin McChesney (2:47)

Price: $15.00

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